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Mars Hill, by Paul Marshall,    copyright May 2013 start date to September 2015

ACT IX excerpt

The sales reports just came in.  It was a good thing the Scribe was in a good mood after leaving the boxing gym with a thorough and bloody work out.  The advertising agency was counting on him to bring in the numbers.  On his itinerary every morning, he made sure to include a new mantra, “Sell yourself to the Company, Sell yourself to the Customer.”  But to no avail, his labor would apparently turn up less than acceptable under the company’s new calibration system.  A rating that would make the firm appear good, as opposed to the current one, where the employees are loved, but the firm is hated by the clients.  “Thanks boss!  We can’t wait for the new SPS reports to roll out by August.  What time should I put in my schedule to kiss your ring?”

Hey bro.  Rhonda Rousey is fighting the Brazilian this weekend.  Should we meet up at your place or Guy Feiri’s new sports bar on the west side?”  The Scribe paused with an interruption of deep thought and responded, “Would love to watch the broads kill each other.  I’ll get back to you on that…”  The spiritual struggle for the Scribe lately had been brutal.  Made him feel like punching the bag some more in the gym. The corporate structure wreaked  of such criminality, one didn’t know who was getting fired next to help keep a steady rotation of willing  hustlers to help the firm confuse and steal clients.  The war between Jew Jew Bee Advertising Inc. and Prep E. Wasp Marketing was a business rivalry of Celtics/Lakers proportions.   (to be continued)



The podcast was gaining in numbers. His show varied on topics from one day to the next.  In succession from Monday to Friday was Sports, World Events, Theology, Politics and Entertainment.  A winning format that worked very well for the scribe; especially on such an independent network such as the internet. Today’s show was about all things entertainment. The bumper music broadcast was a sonic boom of feel good revelry that reverberated like gamma rays across cyberspace.  A strong commanding voice came on and thus, the program was introduced.  “Welcome Jews, Gentiles and Cretins.  Cozy up to your warmest smartphone speaker, turn off your I-Porn and step into the mancave that is the Cosmos Firewire Chat.”

Brake fluid, tires, power tools and a wrapped bundle of insulation sitting on top of a dog urine stained pool table enraptured the nasal cavities, if one was lucky enough to accompany the scribe during his podcast.  Every once in a while, during bouts of excitement in rapport, his foot would kick the bass guitar or golf clubs sitting up against the wall.  Two of his buddies chime in; fueling this mancave paradise.  “Female ref’s. I mean, what gives, bro?  Take it or leave it?”  “You know, it looks like commissioner Silver of the NBA is taking advantage of his new post.  In a political way, no doubt.  Look, I have no problem with the firing of the Clippers owners.  He’s done, and he deserves to be.  But the Commish seems to be on some liberal vendetta to prove something about gender equality or whatever.”  “Hahahaha, what, you don’t want some pretty broads mixing it up on the court or what?”, the scribe’s buddy questions in that ‘devil’s advocate’ sort of spirit.

“If I publish an article on this I’ll probably dub it Chaos Theory to the Tenth Power, ‘cause that’s exactly what it is.  Whatever the Commish is trying to prove, this is a bad idea and I’ll tell you why.”  Interrupting one of the buddies exclaims, “okay, okay, before you get on your soap box lets rake in some money to pay for that soapbox with a word for one of our sponsors.  Kick it Bruce.”

The third buddy reads the script produced by the sponsor as the scribe cues in a fitting soundtrack.  “Have you been to important meetings or events with that not so fresh feeling?  Is your feminine wash not doing the job it should?  Mention the Cosmos Firewire Chat at your next purchase and we will throw in a free Kardashian Krazy Fresh Kombo Douche for our beloved female fans.  Because maxi freshness and exotic eau de toilet aroma shouldn’t be a luxury.  It should be a right.  Brought to you by the Kim and Chloe Tuna Roll Shack (next to the Snooky Snatch Shack) on the corner of Rodeo and Wilshire, Beverly Hills.

The scribe comes back to the mic.  “Hey Bruce, remind me to remind the market research department to please think about demographics before recruiting sponsors!  Thank you!!”  “Do we have a market research department?”  “Yes, it’s my Mark McGwire signed bat upside your douchebag…”  “Okay, I get it man.”  Resuming back to the program, the scribe stifles his frustration weights in on the NBA.

“Think about all of the drama and chaos you already have with basketball players and organizations.  Just men among men doing what we do best in the realm of competition, business and vicarious aggression.  The passion and emotion in the sport is enough to cause firings and hiring’s, fines and fisticuffs, subpoenas and funky cold medinas.  Aren’t the $1,000 hookers in the courtside seats enough of a distraction?  Now we need to add the undeniable female chemistry to the court itself?”

“So  your saying its a matter of sexual distraction?”  Replies the scribe, “of course, but that’s just one point to make.  But an important one.  Are you going to tell me you would play ball the same if one of the ref’s walking sideline or around you has long silky hair, smooth soft skin, wide voluptuous hips…the fair sex is not equal to the real ref’s on the court.  A game is about focus and breaking the other player focus.  Do you think a player appreciates his focus being broken by an official?  An officials job is to remain invisible while the ball is in play.  But you can say goodbye to that with this female ref business.”

“Hahahah!!  You kill me, bro.  Women are everywhere.  You don’t get into such a psychosexual distraction at work that you cannot function.  Basketball is the same thing.  It’s another job that men are paid to do.  So you just maintain yourself.  Control your urges like any other part of your day.  Isn’t sports about self control and discipline, after all?”  “I gotta’ say,” the other buddy interjects, “I got no problem off the bat, but I can see the harassment suits piling up one after another…”

The scribe picks up his coffee, as if to imbibe in the sincere and hearty engagement of his long time pals.  He ponders installing a podcast camera over by the hanging hockey jersey and artwork in order to capture the magic of late night radio.  But he rethinks it.  He surmises that the real magic is not in the visual.  But in the intellect and the spirit of language of everyone involved.

“Let say in fact, that we do put aside the very real problem of sexual distraction.  You put up a good point about legality issues which by the way, would stem from a third point regarding political correctness.  And how about the added pressure of player intimidation?  Which guy is going to want to challenge a fallacy with an official for fear of appearing as a bully, or appear to be attacking a helpless and fragile emotional creature.  Referee’s can steer games in all sorts of directions by assigning the female officials to call out so called difficult players or difficult calls.  And challengers arguing in the face of a little ole’ lady would be fined and kicked out or sued on the spot.  Which would give female ref’s the liberty to be as bitchy as they want to be.”

“Where do you think their recruiting these ladies from?” “Commissioner Silver isn’t picking up average ladies from a pool of job seekers.  No way!  You can bet he is going to the MENSA conventions and picking out the highest I.Q. broads he can find.  And he’ll use them as a liberal political tool to represent on whole, the average female population.  You’ll have Ivy League females verses athletes with a rappers vocabulary.  Who do you think will win in the logistics of a play call debate?  The lil’ ole’ ladies, of course.  Not only that, he’ll get the loud drama queens who would enjoy a ripe ghetto style trash talk fight.”

“Well, he’s going to hire referee’s who can handle themselves”, buddy 2 replies. “Don’t you find it conterintuituive to have females proactive in a male sport?  The emotional quotient of the ladies mind is like oil and water against the reasoning quotient of the male mind.”  “Haha…good luck with that deep sleep on the sofa tonight.  I can hear your wife wreathing right now in the kitchen.”  “Wow.  It would be worse if she’s barefoot and pregnant and wreathing.”  “Atleast she knows her place…hahaha.”

Kidding aside, the scribe was not pleased with the essence of the podcast. “Listen guys, I need to probe further here.  This conversation is meaningless.  Unless we communicate the Biblical meditation of what it means to impregnate men’s sports with feminist props; like a female ref in the NBA.”  Everybody looked around at each other incredulously.  Breaking the silence, one spoke up,”  And what is the Biblical lesson?”

At this moment a very surprising and welcome call came. Being a call in podcast, this was par for the course, though highly unexpected.  The voice on the inbound line came from none other than Seth McFarlane.  “What the hey!”,  belched the call receiver.  “Hehe…yes the same Seth from Family Guy raunch animation fame.  How ya’ guys doin’.  Gotta say, I’m big fans of the Podcast.”

After the gushing goolags quieted down, the caller continued. Pearl Jams song, “Animal” played in the background charmingly as Seth explained his newest project collecting the papers and archives of the late Carl Sagan.  A reissuing of this classic PBS science series “Cosmos” was to be reconfigured in the way only Seth MacFarlane could make it.  “I’ve been a space buff since childhood, so it seems only fitting that I introduce my offensive and sarcastic ode to “Cosmos” on the “Cosmos Firewire Chat”.

Lurking forward on the mic, the Scribe was instantly transfixed on Seth’s underlying interest in the universe. “Your preoccupation…was that largely due to scientists like Sagan.”  Slightly thrown off, but nonetheless delighted by the inquiry, Seth replied, “Haha, I’d have to say my disbelief spurred me towards ‘Prove it to me’ agnostics like Sagan and my Catholic guilt from childhood which spurned me with a ruler slap to the knuckles for reading devil books in science class.  Love astronomy though.  It’s mystifying how much space there is in this galaxy alone.  We went to the moon by ’64 but by 2015 we still don’t’ have one single Starbucks on a planet closest to our nearest star?”

The cacophony of bursting laughter subsided. The virtual mancave was now thoroughly injected with the spirit of competitive intellectual vigor.  And thus, the games began.  “I know what sticks out in my mind is one of the more profound statements ever on the creation of the universe.  Your man Sagan quoted him once in an interview.  A certain Blaise Pascal,” said the Scribe.  “Yes, you must be talking about the Smithsonian article quote?”  “Yes!”.  “Right, I have it right here actually.”  “Go ahead and read it for our audience.”  “Sure, sure…okay here we go.  Uhmm…starting from the top it reads:  ‘There is a wide yawning black infinity.  In every direction the extension is endless, the sensation of depth is overwhelming.  And the darkness is immortal.  Where light exists, it is pure, blazing, fierce; but light exists almost nowhere, and the blackness itself is also pure and blazing and fierce.  But most of all, there is very nearly nothing in the dark; except for little bits here and there, often associated with the light, this infinite receptacle is empty.

This picture is strangely frightening. It should be familiar.  It is our universe.

Even these stars, which seem so numerous, are, as sand, as dust, or less than dust, in the enormity of the space in which there is nothing. Nothing!  We are not without empathetic terror when we open Pascal’s Pensees and read, “I am the great silent spaces between worlds.” ‘

“Thank you for that Seth. That was quite beautiful language he used.  It’s interesting how even the agnotics quote the poetics of a Christian mathematics genius like Blaise Pascal.  Or did he think no one would notice the divine inspiration?” questioned the Scribe.  “Haha, are you trying to foce me into some kind of theological corner sir?”  “Ha!  What I’m getting at is that one cannot leave God out of any real scientific discussion.  Even the haters such as Christopher Hutchins and Richard Dawkins base their theories on the preoccupation of killing the God of the Bible.”  Curious, Seth probed further for intent of the Scribes statement.  “Would an attack on science be a sign of weak faith?  Such as the forced exile of Galileo by the church upon his discovery of a round earth amidst a solar system?”  “Indeed you are correct.  But the church wasn’t representing God, but instead, representing their political will against scientific facts.  True theological discussion is interested in the actual creation of the universe.  And guess what tool God gave us to observe his creation in order to glorify Him?  Knowledge.  And one way we get that is through scientific analysis.”

“So you agree that the religious zealots were wrong to persecute Copernicus and Galileo alike?” “Of course.  But that’s not a statement against God or the Bible. It’s a statement against mans corrupted use of the Word of God,” replied the Scribe.  “With all due respect, your assuming the supposed Word of God is infallible truth.  How do you know what God is and what He wrote?”  Grateful for the direction Seth was going in, the Scribe was more than eager to facilitate his burning itch.

“Let me star with a quote of my own regarding the cosmos, as well. Like Sagan, Harold Camping also amassed an enormous body of work.  One of his greatest publications, I dare say, would rival Sagan’s PBS series.  His book “Time Has An End” published in 2005 is rich with scientific and theological discourse.  Please allow me to read one of his pages for you: ‘Because God is infinite in every aspect of His being, He knew every individual who would be born at any time during the duration of the history of the world, even before He created time.  God also knew that our first parents, Adam and Eve, whom He would create, would rebel against His Law and plunge the whole human race into rebellion against God (Romans 5:12).  As a consequence, that rebellion could only bring the righteous justice and wrath of God against mankind.  But because God is a God of salvation, the Bible tells us that He would choose to withhold His wrath from many who are just as deserving of eternal punishment as all the others.  Therefore, in eternity past, before time began, God had already chosen those whom He would save.  He already had prepared for their salvation by choosing to become their substitute in Christ, “in him dwelleth all the fullness of the Godhead bodily” (Colossians 2:9).  The Lord Jesus Christ was to be their Savior so that in principle, He, as the great I Am, the ever present One (John 8:58; John 17:5) was “the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world” (Revelations 13:8).

Thus, we learn that God’s “great and wonderful” salvation plan was the motivating cause for His creation of this amazing planet Earth. We, therefore, should not at all be surprised to learn that what governs the timeline of earth’s history is the unfolding of Gods marvelous work of salvation.  Everything connected with God’s salvation program works to unfold the greatest event in all of history.  No earthly story, no human saga, no sprawling epic can come within an eternity of matching what God is declaring in His Word, the Bible.  Fact is, God’s magnificent salvation plan is the very substance and essence of history.  How then, and when, and where did it all begin?”’

Said Seth, “Camping…wasn’t he that failed prophecy nut? The one about the 2nd coming in 2011 who changed his mind and said it was an invisible rapture, and after October no human beings could ever give their life to Christ again?  Is that the guy you just quoted?”  In his somber reply the Scribe aptly said, “Yes.  He was dead wrong wasn’t he?  I cannot explain his change of course after the failed May 21, 2011 prophecy.  But does that negate the decades of prior theological research that allowed so many to engage in exhaustive Bible studies?  I too taught the Biblical calender and the Judgment Day of 2011.  After years of studying the matter, all I could find was evident proof and nothing to refute the 2011 prophecy.  So I too felt obligated to warn the people around me.  The difference between Camping and myself is that after the May 21 failed prophecy I stopped teaching about the date of Judgment.  The Family Radio organization presided over by Camping would not stop.  They must’ve had dozens of other dates and prophecies set up that year.  It was crazy.  At that point you just become a lot of false prophets.”

“So what do you want me to do? Take heed from a quote from a false prophet?”  belted back Seth.  “All I ask is that you judge with your own mind the actual words and in formation.  Extract what you see as valuable.  Regardless of who it came from.  Ultimately all truth comes from God.  And if all people are made in His image, all are used on some level as a vassal of God’s wisdom.  In spite of our inate sin and wickedness.”  The same Seth that reacted so violently to the first remark was obviously satisfied with the last.

Amused, the Scribe responded, “A pleasant word is like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the bones. That’s Proverbs 16:24.  Hahaha…”  “Hey, weren’t we talking about the abomination of female umpires in the NBA?  Aren’t we doing a sports show today?”  yelled one of the producers to the Scribes podcast.  A wry smile cracks across the hosts’ face…”we had to move to the importance of Proverbs 16:7; where pleasing the Lord makes even a man’s enemies to be at peace with him.”

Said Seth, “As one of your staunch enemies I had a great time on your show, but I really must get back to drawing cartoons of perverts and alcoholic dogs.”





“The long strange journey meanders.  Today I heave under potentially virus bitten walnut trees.  That is the point of our labor of blood.  Digging, weeding and pruning under the looming shadow of the nearby cartel hacienda.  A several story palace surrounded by palm trees and sun drenched mama sita’s that no doubt paid for these walnut, lavender, cotton and citrus crops.  I’m fantasizing about the chilled cocoanut milk I would guzzle in the car with my amigos in the hour and half car ride back to the house I’m staying in.

An early summer night stroll carries me past a Tijuana brass band rehearsing in the suburban garage.  A chicken is taking a night stroll up the sidewalk.  Two kittens, a famished skinny yellow one and a tiny grey and white one join me outside the burger joint.  I decide to finish the meal and not cater to the little kitties hustle.  Seconds before I get up and leave, a Mexican is riding his white horse up the sidewalk…again.  The palm trees sway over the sundrenched earth toned estates.  This is not in Guadalajara. Nor any third world haven.  This is the San Joaquin Valley in Southern California in the year 2014.”

The Scribe stalls his clients documentary work for a later time and gets back to his briefcase.  He’s due back at ESPN studios right outside the Staples Center for a broadcast interview.  With the huge breach of trust and public relations, the NFL is about to get an earful, if they care to listen, from this mornings sports commentary against the reputation of bad guys Roger Giddell, Ray Rice and Adrian Petersen.  Brought to attention by the Scribes recent article imploring sports fans to abandon their fantasy league and pre/post show broadcasts of NFL coverage.  No simple rebel yell, as football races towards the playoffs.  Quarterback Cam Newton breaks some bones in his back from last nights car accident.  And like anything involving the NFL, the turn is also unpredictable in the conversation.

“…what did you mean by that comment?” asked the host.  “What I mean to say is that football is inherently unimportant.  At the end of the day a football game is irrelevant to any of our lives.  Yes, billions of dollars are made to analyze or coach or play a game.  But the job of football would not create a lack in our life if it ceases to exist.”  A gasp is tangible and painful in the air. The Scribe laughs at the affect of agony and pain on them and continues.  “You see, much like marijuana, you don’t need football to live.  In fact, they are both destructive forces to a mortals body.”  “Hmmm, I don’t know about destructive.  I do know that half the players on my fantasy roster have been arrested for battery, murder or drugs,”  the T.V. host retorted.

The Scribe continued,  “…hahaha.  Look, my friend, your not kidding.  You see, the difference between politics and sports is that politics is entertainment that pretends to matter in our lives.  Sports is pure in the way that it doesn’t matter. It’s only entertainment and a man can escape in a vicarious way to it.  The problems in football come when we start pretending sports is important. The psychosis that happens inside the mind of many men out there is that the wins and losses of any particular team has a bearing somehow on you and your life.  That is a major sickness for the modern man.  And we in the media are the pushers to blame in large part.”

The interjecting host replies, “Okay…I think I disagree with that on so many levels, but I want to get back to your point later.  Right now, tell me a little about your current work.”  “Sure. I’m working with the director and producers of a documentary film called “As The Cock Crows”.  It’s regarding a soccer team in the San Joaquin Valley of California named the Bakersfield Game Cocks.  About a team entirely owned and coached by a Mexican cartel.”  “Hmmm..interesting, but not surprising.  I understand you help with the writing and research for the film?”  “Yes.”

“So with this film your working on, what’s the relevance with its topic of discussion?”  “Thank you for the question and I do appreciated the finely placed sarcasm toward my first comments about the NFL. Hahaha!”  “Hahahaha, you see right through me sir…sorry about that,” the host replied begrudgingly. “The film is a comment on convicts and sports. A case in point is the illogical following of Raiders fans and their culture of Mexican convicts.  Al Davis brought that culture of street thuggery from the Bronx to Raider football in the 60’s.  Fast forward to 2014 and we have the Little Mexico, otherwise known as southern California, where the politicians have effectively invited criminals from south of the border to set up shop, thus inviting the cartels as a de facto business and political movement.  We also segway into the dark violent year of 2014 in football.  We do keep in mind in this film that at least half of the illegals are good people just fighting for their lives and escaping a third world cultural cess pool.”

“Great sir thank you for that. Now lets talk about your remark on sports…”  The Scribe continues. “Yes, well..allow me to round things out here a bit.  My point about football being inherently unimportant for anyone’s life comes with a caveat.  Like many of the endeavors in life there is no meaning without God.”  “Really? Talk about a left turn.  My Catholic heart says amen, but the agnostic part of me is starting to get a little annoyed,” the host replied.


“Sorry, thank you for your patience and bearing with me a bit here.  Understanding is a wellspring of life unto him that hath it, but the instruction of fools is folly. Where did I get that?  I didn’t get that from my own mind, I got that from the mind of God.  Right there in Proverbs 16:22.  Now tell me how you explain the meaninglessness of the NFL’s highest paid player quarterbacking the Bears for the biggest losing season in football history, when you have lesser paid players like Tom Brady and Peyton Manning breaking historical records and winning?”

A commercial break brings the camera to the host as several minutes are spent joking around with staff.  A beautiful intern brings hot cider and giant moist blueberry muffins to the stage.  The Scribe and the host enjoy a little catch game with a nerf ball and theres a midget doing the crew work behind the scenes.  Everyone was charmed by his accent.  Little did anyone know he was a former corporate consultant in neuro marketing for the worlds biggest names.  So the Scribe was intrigued by the cerebral nature of the midget far beyond the immediacy of the moment.  Never mind that he was wearing an elf costume with green and red booties in keeping with the holidays. The show resumes from break with an old Christmas duet from David Bowie and Being Crosby, and goes straight back to the conversation.

“You must have a lot of fun in these studios?” inquired the Scribe to the wry response of the host.  “As we we’re saying, the meaning we can extract from the vain exercise of sports obsession is how to learn strategy, organization, communication and problem solving through many obstacles that can be applied to the reality of your life.  By not attaching importance to the game as a life or death issue, which is an illusion, you can separate yourself from the wasted energy of fandom and make use of the spiritual and life lessons learned from a game.” “For instance, whether or not your favorite team wins…Wow!  What a conundrum right?  Does it make any sense to hold on to the same favorite team when the entire roster of the organization has changed every three years.  Sometimes even to the turnover of the owners and coaches.  Why pretend they are the same team from those years ago?  At some point the whole endeavor becomes just an emotional train wreck.  Holding on to the Raiders with the jaws of life against the logic that they consistently lose. And I grew up a Raiders fan, so I have reasons for emotional attachment, believe me.

Now lets say you have the logical aspect of utilizing sports purely for it’s lessons learned and health benefits.  There is still one more facet of learning to apply to your own life.  This is the area where we can learn to hear with spiritual ears and see with spiritual eyes.  We can apply the struggles and stories of football the same as we do the Biblical event of Samson’s strength or Josephs abuse from his brothers or Peters denial of Christ and so on. Take Richard Sherman, cornerback for the Seahawks.  This kid went from the ghetto of Compton to a Masters degree from Stanford.  That is a story that is not far removed from the life of David the shepherd who became king of Israel.  I’m sure plenty of Sherman’s enemies would contend that he is no king from his big mouth and the very real controversy that he tends to spark.  But nonetheless you get the point.

So what is the lesson learned from the troubles rising from Ray Rice or Adrian Petersen?  Apparently Rice is a man who gets his jolly’s for the line of scrimmage from his hoe slapping abilities.  Who knows, maybe in Ray’s world getting a beat down from a jock is the same as getting picked for the Pro Bowl.  But in my world only hoes go back to bro’s after those kind ‘o’ woes.  How do I surmise?  Because the Bible tells us over and over again that an evil heart embraces what it knows and treasures in its heart.  A continually wicked generation becomes cursed to the fourth generation.  God explains by this study and many others why women get an emotional rush from their abusers.  Because they too are wicked.

This is why God kept telling His people to separate themselves as an holy nation apart from the gentiles.  Because that is what a purified heart is inclined to do.  What happened when the people began to turn their backs to God?  They integrated themselves with the Assyrians, the Babylonians, the pagan daughters of enemies.  They wanted a human king like Egypt instead of God their spiritual King and Judge.  That is what we can learn from the Ray Rice sports sport’s story.”

The host interjects in agreeable fashion at this point. They go back and forth on the tactical virtues of quarterback Russell Wilson, the organizational consistency of the New England Patriots, the grit and strategic genius of Peyton Manning and others.  The Scribe uses this opportunity to cite Biblical references to the theme of the conversation.

“Of course disengaging the relevancy of sports obsession would affect the bottom line of sports writers like myself, broadcasters like yourself, the multi media complex of 24 hour coverage, and so on. There is an advantage obviously to making things more important than they are.  Workers at stadiums and team offices are affected in an important way, so I’m not in any way mitigating the role of sports in their life.”

The host spoke up once more to summarize the content of the interview for the viewers and both men concluded the talk with a closing statement of mildly entertaining substance. Again, the beautiful intern introduced herself to the broadcasters table with a box of catered Starbucks cup of joe’s. She looked ravishing in that young Julia-Louis Dreyfus sort of way.  And the boys poked and prodded their way into her heart also.



“Pei Wei Playhouse Featuring: Viviana, the Cuban Princess,“ the scribe would read to himself from the marquee. He decided to visit an old friend from the states by coming to the lounge he owned near this Italian coast. He left his wife to rest back at the hotel. The prior day of chasing a ring thief along with the beach bonfire experience exhausted him to no end. Upon entering his friends lounge the chatter among them was immediate and vigorous. The bored customers also couldn’t help but notice the entertaining rapport of the kitchen staff. The conversation continued in the hustle of the cooks and bussers. The only impediment of this highly spirited staff tonight was the tyrant manager with no people skills or work ethic. The kind who accuses certain hard working employees who care about the quality of their tasks and of the company, as not caring about the people. Her pretense being that the tyrant manager schmoozes and kisses the bottoms only because she cares about herself. “How you doin’ buddy? Pardon me for the chaos. Here let’s step out of the kitchen into the office.” He and the scribe sat down in their respective ergonomic office chairs. “So how’s life in the states?” “What can I say? A modern Christian in Obama’s America…” Before the scribe could finish, his old business partner interrupts. “Sorry…let me get these pills. I’ve been under a lot of stress. My sports bets at the golf course aren’t going too well lately. No sleep either. You know, life on this beautiful beach isn’t always a cake walk” The scribe watches as he dips into his prescription bottle….and his friend continues, “don’t mind me. Talk to me as I sit down back here and pass out.” After a hearty laugh and some common small talk, their discussion steered in quite a different direction, talking about the beginning of his business. His friend was more of an event and marketing manager. Creating entertainment for different venues, product development and also handling sales on the insurance policy side of things. This created security for most of his venue clients. Lately though he wasn’t meeting quota. And thus as his friends sedation took affect the scribes monologue resumed. “Genesis is the beginning of it all. The foundation of Judaism and Christianity. The foundation of the stories of most all world cultural myths. And the foundation for the beginning of time and creation for science to either dispute or reaffirm. On the face of it, many teachings about the beginning seem clear cut. So the ideas continue in mainstream tradition. Upon further examination, these ideas are atleast worth looking at again for consideration. That is, if one prefers to actually think about what he is reading. One gloss over is the stark contrast between the first 3 days of creation, as opposed to the next 3 days. There are main points of topic in these first several days, worth looking into. The source and composition of light, the biochemical perfection of the plants, and the aspect of time. God said, “Let there be light” and darkness was broken over the whole of the earth. Or atleast partially. Where did this light come from? God did not create any terrestrial light source until the 4th day (Gen. 1:14-19). If you look carefully God never made or created the light, like He made all of creation. He said let there be and it was (we’ll look into the aspect of speaking creation into being and making creation later). So what was that source of light? Was it a separate entity or was it God Himself? Whatever that light was it was of a superior composition. It was there during the age of perfection that it illuminated upon the first life forms on earth…plant life. This light source was sufficient before sunlight, to illuminate upon and sustain the first created plant life in its state of biochemical perfection. If this light source was in fact God Himself, would it not be reasonable to assume that plant life would be sustained in perfection without sunlight? If God is the Light and the Life (John 1:3-5) those plants would not need a 24 hour cycle of sunlight to keep its biochemically perfect life force. So then, if we can conclude that the light source was God Himself or atleast a superior composition of light to sustain a lower life form in all its perfection, that would bring us to a different matter. The meaning of the work Day, before time existed. If plant life was sustained indefinitely, a flower would live anywhere between a day and a thousand years. Sunlight would have no bearing on its lifespan whatsoever. Therefore, like the meaning of the word Light in those first 3 days, the meaning of the word Day takes on a whole new life. In a very real sense, the earth and its plants existed before time. Could it be that the Garden of Eden represented the eternal majesty of God before the universe was restricted by time and space? After all, time was created and calculated for the first time by the stars and planets in space (Gen. 1:14). Notice how, before time, God made the heaven and the earth but simply said, “Let there be light” and called the light Day (Gen. 1:1,3,5). There’s your first definition for the word Day. It means light, not a 24 hour cycle. There you have it. The proof that the meaning of the word Light and Day changed after the first 3 days of creation. In fact the two words are interchangeable for a while. Of course, there is still the matter of the evening and the morning. As light was named Day, so too darkness was named Night. One can infer some sort of cycle when after each light and darkness there was a counting of the lights, or the days. Assuming there was a stretched period in those first 3 days, why would God sit around for a thousand years watching earth being suspended in darkness and light and another thousand years smelling the roses and so on? And why would that have any bearing on the 24 hour geological timeline of the bible in so far as a 13,000 year history of creation? Did He have work to do in other heavenly places because to Him 1,000 years is the same as a day and He is outside time and space in the first 3 days (2nd Peter 3:8; Eph. 3:9,10)? What if God wasn’t the first light because He simply spoke it into Creation like the other “Let there be’s” on all 6 days. On the 6 days of creation God did declare with His voice what was to exist. But in the following verse we see how He clearly worked somehow to make the creation (bara or asah), as the original Hebrew would define as creating or making (bara or asah). Hence, why He rested from all of His work on the 7th day. Genesis 2:2-4 confirms His work in creating. Even though you won’t see the word made or created for the third day of creation. Perhaps the seed bearing plants and their yielding fruit with seed is a clue to the aspect of time and seasons Christ already made, or a far future to come. Or are there aspects of spirit and science we cannot know because this forces us to trust Christ the Creator in the exactitude’s of time and creation?” “Are you asking me that question? ‘Cause you got another thing comin’ if you think I’ve got answers for you, pal.” The scribes friend jokes. I think the point here is that your not the only one who cares about his profession. Christ said, “The Father that dwelleth in me, He doeth the works.” Walking together out of the office and into the dining area, the mood was more jovial indeed. Especially when their eyes landed on a particular service monkey that belonged to a beloved local and frequent visitor of this establishment. The scribe recognized the monkey from the sushi bar and was impressed by how well behaved it was, in comparison to all other service monkeys that, by the way, he never see’s. As the two men mingled and walked deeper into the dining area, there was a glint of light hitting the scribes eyes from the angle and position of that service monkey. The sparkle of which he soon could not ignore. It took a second for the thought to register in his brain. And when it did he did not hear anything his friend had to say. He just kept walking closer and closer to that monkey. That well behaved, blasted monkey. Dangling on a small chain around it’s neck, the sparkle seemed to cry, “Save Me!!!”




The scribe and his new young wife are famished…they walk into the first low-key looking eatery he can find.  Grabbing a small corner table at the sushi bar, a d.j. spins Asian break-beats.  He’s surrounded by mix-your-own cocktails and hookahs with a tip jar.  There happens to be an art party going on but it’s so casual, it doesn’t create a nuisance.  Seconds later, the limo drop off service brings in a crowd from the nearby convention.  The host at the front door directs them to the next room that is custom-made for their V.I.P. customers.  During this process, a spider monkey belonging to one of the tourists snatches a dragon roll from couples bar.  Ordering a sushi boat for them both, the scribe tells his wife, “no fuss, no muss, right Sweetie?”  She giggles and playfully squeezes his arm.       The fullness of the satisfying meal did not provoke the kind of drowsiness one would suspect.  Quite the opposite indeed.  Before leaving, the scribes wife went to the ladies room to wash up.  She put her wedding ring on the sink for a moment.  She walked over to dry her hands for a moment.  That was all the moment someone needed as one of the gaggle of ladies in her midst, swiped the ring and hurried out with the others.  Moments later the scribe was being pulled and squeezed, this time in desperation, by his supple young bride, as they bolted out onto the sidewalk.  Catching the faintest glimpse of the ladies from a distance, both run pass the crowds trying not to knock anyone over onto the shop windows or the dirty street.         Surprisingly even with all the turns and cobblestone streets and the people, the couple finally reached their object of pursuit.  Their desperation is not lost among the ladies and they inquire of the situation.  Predictably they admit to no such thievery.  But they do mention a separate woman who was alone among them before she parted ways about a half block back…”It looks like she went into the indoor tennis courts.  Ohhh you poor thing…hurry in there honey, before she gets away!”  The scribe lags behind to ask for a good description of the woman as his bride girlishly sprints into the facility.  

Hours later, it’s a sunny and tumultuous day by the sea, where this party is.  A gypsy with a didgeridoo and some hand percussion is creating sounds that emulate exactly the electronic music the scribe heard while passing Ibiza one night last week.  There is a crowd on the beach and the scribe and his wife are among them.  It will be hours before sunset, but the agitation of storm clouds blending with the bliss of colored skies reflects the same beauty and agitation within his bride.  To one of the college girls sitting around the bonfire pit (a whole pig is being roasted to compliment libations among the people) the scribe mentions the description of the ring thief but quickly melds into quite different a discussion.
     Waiting for the sun to drop its majesty, the people listen and the scribe speaks.  “The soaring heights of new toys leaves our minds floating in the anti-gravity of cyberspace.  Ground control to Major Tom.  David Bowie’s vision is real in 2013.”  “What?”  replied and laughed the people.  “This Summer the first music video was shot in space.  ‘Space Oddity’ was the song.  But I tell you there is a vision even more real than that.  As you intoxicate and eat the flesh of this pig tonight on the Italian coast, the real meal which the world rejected is ever present.  In fact, that Bread came down from Heaven, through the ions, to say “Whoso eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, hath eternal life…For my flesh is meat indeed, and my blood is drink indeed.'”  “Ahhh…you speak about Jesus.  Are you religious or Republican or something?”  questions one who is an Indian student studying at Oxford.  By now any indifference or boredom is injected with the invigoration of youth as the talk now becomes alive.
     “Are you sure Jesus said that?  Why would the writer of John 6 put down an idea that macabre?”  The scribe continues, “Hmmm….are you about to enjoy a tasty feast tonight…on the beach that will nourish your body and make you feel good?  In essence to feel and take advantage of this life by the sea?  What must take place before you can enjoy such a practical human need?  You must roast the animal and cut the animals flesh.  But before that, someone must hunt down and kill the pig for the sole purpose of butchering it.  How else will you enjoy life tonight among friends?”  One answers, “Your saying the sacrifices it takes to enjoy life in all its pleasure and glamour isn’t pretty?  Yes, I understand  But how does this relate to or justify cannibalism as some sort of holy sacrament?  Life isn’t fair, so don’t waste your time with old ladies in purple hair in a potluck church service”
    Continues the scribe, “Think about the central idea of life here.  These investments or sacrifices we make on our time and energy are to establish life on some level of quality and length.  That is exactly what Christ was talking about.  But He was speaking in ultimate terms.  And if you believe what He says about God’s ways not being our ways and that GOD is spirit and must be worshiped in Spirit, than it would make sense how GOD would be the Bread of Life.  Hence, God coming to earth as a man to be the ultimate sacrifice for eternal life.  In fact, that Lamb slain before the foundation of the world, so that all of His people, from Abel to Noah to Abraham and on, could enjoy that milk and honey in the Promised Land.  The real Italian coast is Heaven itself.”  The scribe pauses for a bite of his wife’s half eaten baklava, as she’s still holding it in her hand.
     One of the college girls with Rainbow Bright red hair, Technicolor tattoos up her arm and hula hoops for earlobe gauges, replies.  “If Jesus were so perfect and God and all, why didn’t the Jews take him as their rabbi or king or prophesied Messiah or something?  Wouldn’t they see what a brilliant magician he was and want to claim bragging rights?  At least as a fellow Jew who could make so much liquor out of water.  A trick like that should’ve turned Jesus into a goldmine”  Some of the others concur on her logic.
     “That’s an excellent question.  And it would make sense on the surface to do so.  But the problem is the dynamics that lay beneath the surface.  Perhaps you could begin to see this more clearly if I use my smart phone here to search John 7:25-28: ‘Then said some of them of Jerusalem, Is not this he, whom they seek to kill?  But, lo, he speaketh boldly, and they say nothing unto him.  Do the rulers know indeed that this is the very  Christ?’…skipping down to verse 28 Christ confirms their suspicions by proclaiming, ‘Ye both know me, and ye know whence I am…’  You see, those Jews knew exactly who Christ was.  But they did not like those facts at all.  Their prophesied Messiah was seen as a threat and not a savior.”
     Immediately the scribes wife began grabbing his hand.  She sensed the anger that could soon arise.  Indeed, on the other side of the fiery pit, one stood as he began carving up the roasted pig.  Incensed, he utters out “I am an atheist, a Jew and a lover of sensible shoes.  Do I also believe Christ is God!?”  After the laughter subsided, everyone eventually relented to the scribes response,  “Before Christ cast the demons into the swine, the demons also knew Christ was God.  So their demonic deeds weren’t due to ignorance.  Many of the Jews also carried out the work of their father, the devil, with intent and knowledge of the Messiah.  As an atheist, you claim not to believe.  Is this really the case?  Or do you simply hate the One true GOD you know is the real Creator!  You see, He is not to your liking!  Please take no offense.  There are worse….quote ‘Have not I chosen you twelve, and one of you is a devil?  He spake of Judas Iscariot’…John 6:70,71.'”
    “Your saying our friend here ‘believes’ not by ignorance but by willful denial?”  Replied the scribe, “Virtually all sin in a nutshell.  Willful denial of the Law of GOD.”  Said the Indian from Oxford, “Rubbish!  If this God loves us so much why make us suffer and obey His Law and give the wicked people the strongest empires throughout history?  Why must He teach us lessons through so much pain?”  “Yeah!  Just give us paradise and be done with it already!”  said the tattooed girl.
     “Whoa, whoa, whoa!  Remember that little book named Genesis?  The book that documents the absolute bliss and perfection and paradise He did give to us!  Remember that folks?  How God made everything perfect!?  What happened that took that all away?!  Come on, I know you’ve all been to Sunday school at least once in your life!”  yells the scribe.  “The woman ate the forbidden apple or pomegranate or whatever .  Probably a metaphor where she had intercourse with Satan or exercised free will outside of God’s holy law or something.  Ha ha, so is that it?  Women are the evil spawn of Satan?  Ha ha ha ha!”  mocked one as he feasted and drank.
    “God’s love, so great, that He gave His creation the free will to worship Him or not…among all the activities of life.  He could’ve easily been a dictator or a puppet master to the angels in Heaven and to man who came out of the dirt of the earth.  But His mercy, even after cursing all of creation by willful denial of Him, allowed so great a love that He would lower Himself to our level to pick us up out of the muck.  As a man who would absorb all of the curse on our behalf, in order that we might have that original paradise again.  If you think Fidel Castro is willing to lower himself to one of his peasants for a day, I’ve got beach front property for you in Fukishima.


Not being able to articulate their disdain for the message the scribe was giving them, the group around the fire pit lazily feasted and murmured among one another.  His wife whispered in his ear.  She was not so keen on sticking around for their not so subtle rejection for their company.  With the theft of her ring still fresh on her mind, he embraced her entire body within his bosom.  As to remind her of the real bond the wedding band represented.  Thinking to himself, the scribe ruminated on how quickly the height of pleasure among friends can crash to the depths that they do.  Like the abysmal sea floor beneath the sun colored and lively ocean above.  But as a graceful whale eventually rises from those dark depths for life-giving oxygen at the surface, this too shall pass.



Sweltering under bouts of training and endless vigor under the rusty old fans, the scribe pours with great drops.  Not just because it is Miami.  He has been stuck downtown the whole day, killing himself.  Pushing himself to the limit in the quest for staying lean, mean and hungry.  Wondering inside why pushing himself till he hits a wall of delirium seems to be his favorite past time.  Maybe it reminds him of the sentimental struggles of fending for himself when he was just starting out on the streets.  Just starting out in life. The only down time he has between training is the theater lounge across the street, old discounted movies on the screen for $1.50 and the cafe.  With all the strength he had left, the scribe, his trainer and some buddies manage to crawl across the street once more. “I can’t take it anymore. I give up.” “Stop it. You got so much fire in ‘da belly we cants contain ya’. Let’s jus’ relax hea’ awhile, “ the scribes trainer bellow out in his gruff and gravely Bronx dialect. “I wonder what ‘dat ‘Life of Pi’ business is all about? ‘Dat movie aint old uh’nuff ta’ be on ‘dese screens.” As the boys were rapping about frivolous matters, his trainers’ daughter walked in to greet Daddy.  “Pops, are you being good to your boxers”, she yells from across the cold hard marble floor.  An exotic beauty she was.  Scottish gal from Glasgow, she spent most of her time these days in a small beach town above Africa.  A place called Cadiz in Spain.  The oldest inhabited town in Europe, or something. She was in her early thirties, but she had the soft nubile body and the ripe supple breasts of a college girl prepping for Spring Break in Ibiza.  A woman like that would easily take the scribe’s mind off the Holy Scroll.   Which is why now, right now, was an excellent time to attend  his issue at the bank.  His procrastination was due to the dread of fighting off the sharks that were always circling in the lobby.  The scribe knew the LORD always provideth.  So his boxing prepared him to fight these sharks who always seemed to taketh away. Since traffic hasn’t moved for a generation, there was some time for solace as the scribe sit back and remembered why he got into boxing.  Tai chi and various martial arts were crafted in China between 2500 B.C.  and 400 A.D. for purposes of exercising the Tao or the Way or spiritual energy.  He loved how the Okinawan’s, who invented karate, use exercise as a way of life.  And how it justified his former obsession with sports.  Although the scribe appreciated rare karate-esque arts that avoided confrontation and attacked only as a last resort, he preferred the art of attack.  Fighting not as one who beateth the air, but as to win.  He was well aware of the Biblical principles of turning the other cheek and being at peace, if at all possible. If one chooses, boxing can allow one to turn your body into an efficient machine and your mind into an organized computer program for the task.  Any mundane work, really, can be cultivated in the same way.  Work can be a tai chi exercise , a gym workout, a Zen meditation.   Some days it’s a kung fu battle. All work is a study in Biblical principles and spiritual insight. A means of cultivating the Way and the spiritual energy of the Way, the Truth and the Life. The scribe thought of the contributions benefited from this work, as summed up in Ephesians 4:28;6:5-8.  The ultimate idea is that Christ is that work of faith within us. As an input/output exercise, the work of faith is a contribution to strangers and prayer to GOD…”Let him that stole steal no more: but rather let him labour, working with his hands the thing which is good, that he may have to give to him that needeth.” Man is always concerned with his place in the world.  “What am I contributing to society or to my town or to my family that will leave a legacy of my existence on earth?”  That is the root of his preoccupation with the most mundane of work.   To master what he does.   One can feel free to be obedient to his master when he has mastered his work.  Then he knows he can integrate whatever orders he’s given to what he already does well. The ultimate work being in the work of the Faith, the point of it all, is to serve others in order to serve Christ, who is higher than all.   Work was created by GOD to force us to engage with one another.   It became a curse to eat bread by the sweat of our brow, but GOD took evil and meant it for good.  Just as He did for Joseph who was sold into slavery for the Egyptians.   Our work, if seen with spiritual eyes, is a blessing to give and learn principles of patience, meekness, creativity, loving our enemies and so much more. So the wise old Okinawan’s have the right idea when they never retire from the world of work.  The activities of every day life is a chance to solve and confront problems that ought to allow us to think critically about and creatively utilize the Word of God. Later that night and long after the wait in traffic, the scribe got a text message from his trainer asking if he would join him for a respite on the sea at his place in Spain.   He had a small cozy gym there where he could workout after a long hard day of relaxing at the bungalow.   It was an offer he almost refused.  One suspects his trainer’s daughter became a motivating factor. It was Mother’s Day and the scribe had just flew out and landed for the occasion.  The trainer’s daughter had zero offspring of her own but she did adopt several from troubled relatives.  The scribe enjoyed being there for the ensuing party.  But he couldn’t decide whether to bring her flowers or chocolate or bronzing oil. After a full day of Frisbee football on the beach and biking, there was a magnificent feast on the roof top patio overlooking the sea.  A most abundant garden replete with massive bouquet’s of flowers and Japanese fountains surrounded the party.  Immediately the image came to the scribes mind in the Holy Word from Acts 10:10,11 that read, “…as they were traveling and nearing the city, Peter went up to pray on the housetop about noon.  And he became very hungry, and would have eaten: but while they made ready, he fell into a trance,”  The scribe was not done being playful though, even as he thought of Peter’s prayer and meditation on the rooftop.  He stuffed the Glasgow beauties mouth with rich red velvet cake, caramel, strawberries and ice cream.  She would likely not achieve the trance that Peter did, but a sugar coma instead. An ending to a day by the sea started a night with friends gathering in the outdoor jacuzzi.  Neon glow sticks floated under the water and everybody dined on sashimi and plum wine under the stars.   After all, a full day of play is hard work also. “And Ziba said, The asses be for the king’s household to ride on; and the bread and summer fruit for the young men to eat; and the wine, that such as be faint in the wilderness may drink.”  =2nd Samuel 16:2



The beach is breezy.  Crisp with newness and a sense of purpose this morning.  Sitting back on the wooden deck, the scribe casually feeds on an Italian sausage breakfast sandwich and shuffles through his Podcast’s.  “…’John McCain and Dick Durbin hold out their hands to big Pharma to help criminalize your child’s Flintstones vitamins’…’China as the capitol of counterfeits, never mind knock off Prada’s.  What if the counterfeit shitake sauce from China is modified from farmed maggots and the genital glands of a poached panda?’…’women expect me to be their everything.  Like Julie on the Love Boat’…”   Somehow, these podcast’s didn’t seem to be in sync with the morning, so he turns it off and goes back to waking up slowly. Later a business call comes through.  Being a consultant, he gets an interesting request from a partner of his firm.  An investor of sorts has an assignment for the scribe to go undercover to an Irish sports bistro in Salt Lake City.  “Quite unorthodox for you I’m sure, but all the arrangements will be made.  You can fly out tomorrow.  Basically we suspect money laundering and we need you to be our go-to guy.  We wanna’ nip it in the butt if it’s real,” relays the associate. A week or so into the assignment, the scribe blends in to the kitchen staff as the humble busser/dishwasher.  Being so busy with his tasks, no one could ever suspect him of “surveying in the scene”, as it were.  Continuing about his business, it was notable that the entire kitchen and counter staff were no older than 20.  The managers that were promoted were female and possessed all manner of traits that were quintessentially “kept” teenagers.  As if their positions was guaranteed because they belonged to something.  Obviously, the scribe thought, the owner of this establishment was threatened by grown ups.  Preferring that the willing little girls would carry out his dirty work to the subordinate employee’s. Day to day in the restaurant, the scribe felt like he was working at an Ashbergers convention.  Virtually all the patrons, coupled with the staff, were such extreme Type A personalities he expected to find cyborg switches behind their neck.  In carefully modulated tones, even their casual rapport by the grill seemed scripted, almost guarded. A particular manager must have had buckets of Prozac.  She had the exact same easy going temperament all day long, every single day, no matter the circumstance or the chaos.  Once, the scribe accidentally slammed her head inside a cabinet door, and she carried on as if nothing had happened.  The scribe was frightened that she didn’t get the least bit perturbed.  Because somewhere, at some time, all that stress absorbed has got to be released.  He would soon discover that her pleasant, nice, subtle, evil little plots became her release valve.  Reporting back to Santa Monica through phone text, the scribe types, “Not sure about the laundering, but the place is operated by the Mormon cult.  Subtle gestapo tactics, mind games, exclusion, manipulative lies.  The nicest satanist’s you’ll ever meet. ” Back at the hotel where the scribe is staying at, he jots down notes on his undercover observations.  He cannot help but be reminded of Elijah in 1st Kings 19.  After proving his spiritual mettle against the prophets of Baal, he is being pursued by the evil Jezebel for his life.  Driven to utter exhaustion, he begs GOD under a juniper tree to let him die.  In later verses we see that his suicidal depression was remedied by the water and food that were brought to him by an angel of the Lord.  So much was his spiritual strength gained, that Elijah went forth 40 days and nights unto the mount of Holy GOD. The scribe begins referencing the parallels between “…the flesh is weak, but the spirit is willing” in Mathew 26:41, with Elijah and the account of Jesus in the wilderness.  Like Elijah, Jesus was also famished with hunger in the wilderness.  Satan remembered the spiritual weakness that ensconced Elijah in his hunger.  So he took it upon himself to temp Jesus in this wllderness for 40 days and nights.  This was his chance to corrupt holy GOD Himself and claim His throne of supremacy.  But he failed. The fact that spiritual weakness comes by hunger was not negated by the 40 day fast Jesus was undergoing during the temptations of Satan.  What the devil did not realize is that Jesus, like Elijah, was being nourished and strengthened by real food.  As Christ so beautifully proclaimed at the end of that trial, “…man shall not live by bread alone, but by every Word that proceedeth out of the mouth of GOD (Math. 4:4).  Though Jesus was physically famished, he was well fed by the real Bread, that Manna from Heaven, which is the Word spoken of in John 1 and 6th chapters. These spiritual principles brought the scribe back to the restaurant.  He knew the fundamental tactics behind this Mormon cult was to starve their followers from Biblical food.  The brain washings were made complete by satisfying physical needs and desires and the quest for supremacy.  But much like Satan, the restaurant cult were under the impression that supernatural strength came from the wealth of food and material produced in this world.  Perpetrating this spiritual atrophy and deprivation, the door was wide open for the devils delusions. So beautiful were the parallels between1st Kings 19:19-21 and the work of Christ, the scribe continued his study.  And he reads, “So he departed thence, and found Elisha the son of Shaphat, who was plowing with twelve yoke of oxen before him and he with the twelfth: and Elijah passed by him , and cast his mantle upon him.”  the scribe saw in his minds eye, the correlation with Jesus as He began choosing His twelve disciples, even while they were in the midst of fishing and various other work. The scribe read on.  “And he left the oxen, and ran after Elijah, and said, Let me, I pray thee, Kiss my father and my mother and then I will follow thee.”  Again, the scribe recalls the sequence where, while Jesus journeys to choose disciples, He proclaims to some men that He has called, that no man who goes back to bury their father or bid farewell to their household is fit for the Kingdom of God.  He outlines this complete thought in Luke 9:54-62.  His disciples even reference Elijah directly in verse 54. Even more profound is the explanation in John 1:21 where John the Baptist told the priests and the Levites he was not the second Elijah.  That in fact the prophecy of Isaiah was Christ Himself (John 1:23, 26, 27,29,30). A light bulb came on in the scribes head.  Indeed, the Mormons were laundering.  It hit him as he thought about the receipts and mangled schedules over the weeks.  They created an impression that payroll hours somehow got lost for the first weeks of a new employee’s hire.  Because it was the end of the year, they would save money on payouts and taxes because new employee info wasn’t entered into the system.  They would use this extra cash to compensate for any tithing loss from those non members of the cult. Also, the girls were used to cook the profits at the end of the night by hand entering numbers on hard copy with a pen and calculator, to re-enter back into the computer.  They used whatever formula they were given so that profits would appear lower than they actually were.  The difference between the real profits and the re-entered profits were stashed away in a separate vault when no one was looking.  One night the scribe came back in the back door to retrieve a forgotten item and saw a startled manager slipping a money bag into an unfamiliar to most location.  The money likely went straight to their leaders at Temple Square. Days later back in California, the scribe gave all the information and evidence he had to the investor who hired him.  With a drink and overlooking the ocean, the scribe continues in mid sentence, “…another lie they use is to accuse employee of a wrong no one can prove nor disprove.  They do this to sort of frighten you back to submission.  Whats interesting, sir, is that one of the crimes they are committing against you is being done by a man born almost 200 years ago.  He invented the ultimate multilevel marketing scam.”  “Oh yeah?  Whats that?”  “Mormonism”.

thats right


Mars Hill


      “…how long was I out?  Decided to come downstairs to the mancave to see what you were up to.”  After bumping his head on the low hanging Lion of Zion pinata around the bottom of the stairs the best friend got a reply from the scribe.  “I was just pondering these old Michael Jordan highlight films.  What poetry in motion.  He had a gift of perception to the point of turning backwards in midair and aiming a shot in the basket that was 180 degrees behind his head!  Or scoring a free throw with his eyes shut!”  “Aren’t you glad you grew up in the golden age of the NBA?” his friend replies.

    After much deliberation on the astro physics of the greatest basketball player, the scribe withdrawals to a study room.  He peruses the shelf considering the topics of it’s many books.  After passing over his familiar interests, he comes across a book on the art of riddles.  A frivolous curiosity sends him flipping through the pages.  He decides to read a couple and investigate the problem.

    The first riddle seems easy enough.  “What has nothing inside or outside, weighs less than 2 ounces, yet 5 men cannot pick it up?”  He thinks to himself, “an inflatable porcupine?”  Close.  The answer comes up as a bubble.  The next riddle challenges the reader to imagine 3 light switches.  You are required to use whatever switches you want to turn the light on in a closed room upstairs.   But you only get one try to go upstairs to figure out which one is the right switch, and can only leave one of those switches on.  After investigating options from every angle on paper, he gives up and checks the answer.  Going upstairs once, if the light is on you know its the 2nd switch.  If its off, touch the bulb.  If it’s cold, you know its the 3rd switch, if its warm its the first switch.  “What a beautiful riddle.  The elusive simplicity.”

     “Sometimes the simple truth is right there in the riddles question.  Right in front of your proverbial eyes,”  the scribe says to himself.  Such as “Johns mother has 4 sons.  July, August, September and….”  The genius of this riddle is that the supposed obviousness of it is what throws you off when you emphasize the names of the 3 son’s.  The answer of course is John.  The scribe decides to write down his thoughts.

     Elusive simplicity is integrated into creation by the Word of GOD.  After all, didn’t GOD tell us in the first chapter of the book of Romans that the evidence of GOD and His presence in everything is before our very eyes every day?  But because of the corruption of our mind, we choose to pretend we don’t see it.  This is worse than misunderstanding a riddle.  A riddle is designed to hide truth in order to exercise critical thought to deduce every possible angle to solve the problem.  But GOD has revealed the simplicity of Christ and His glory and His work and His existence in all of creation. The difference between a riddle being elusive and the Word of GOD being elusive, is that man designed a riddle in order to trick, to deceive.  And it does mimic the Biblical attribute to study and examine to find answers.  But the object of the game is trickery.  Like a magic trick for the minds eye. Because the Word is the mind of GOD, it does have a mystery to it.  But this elusive nature has factors which derive from an Heavenly edification intent and process.  The elusive mystery of GOD ought to provoke further study of His document to mankind.  And further reliance and confidence that He is in control and in knowledge of all things.  It is quite humbling for a scientist to know how much he cannot know.  Yet the intricate order of fuzzy quantum physics is held  together by someones guiding hand. The simple yoke of Christ does not quench the accusing minds.  Blaming GOD for cancer.  Calling GOD out for incompetence when little children are victims of the most horrific of crimes.  Surely a grown man like me deserves far worse, with all of the sins I’ve accumulated, than one of those innocent little kids? Here is the answer to that riddle, accuser of Holy GOD.  That little kid suffered because of evil.  Our evil, someone else’s evil happening upon us and so on.  The curse of sin brought that to us.  Not GOD.  He is not the author of sin.  We chose sin and He allows us to reap the conclusions of our choice.  You do, after all, prefer free will, do you, Mr. Accuser?  Well then, which way do you want it?  Free agency with the ability to talk and reason with GOD about the aptitude of our tainted wisdom verses His wisdom?  Or a sort of Stepford Wives scenario where everyone is programmed for perfect obedience?  Apparently GOD chose that the angels in Heaven and Adam could choose their option.  But to what purpose?  What is the simple truth in the riddle of life on earth? Heaven and earth shall pass away, but His Word shall never pass away.  What does that mean?  The structure of the universe and everything in it, everything that we measure and use for our pleasure, is created to be made and destroyed .  The revolving order of the universe is transitory, even in all it’s brilliance.  Stars come and go, mountains form and mountains self destruct, technologies perform feats of wonder and are disrupted by the most unassuming of environmental foes.  But the Law of GOD in His Word surpasses and rules over anything we know in physics, biology, mathematics, art or so called metaphysics.  The Word which governs the order of the universe, is eternal. The Word created all things we think we understand and see.  And the Word created all things we do not understand and cannot see.  This is possible because the Word that created all things also became man and walked among us (John 1).  The Word displayed spiritual principles by creating the moon and the sun and also rode on a donkey and ate honeycomb and broiled fish with His disciples.  You tell me how a man’s riddle is going to imitate that elusive simplicity. The scribe recalls the verses in Jer. 10:21; Rom. 11:7,25; John 12:40; 2 Cor. 3:14 that reveal that GOD does blind the eyes of men so that they will not understand.  Is this too, trickery and deception on the part of GOD?  Like a magician wowing the crowd, yet never revealing truth in favor of illusion?  “‘ You GOD are holy and loving, but how do I explain the spiritual blindness you send in 2 Thess. 2:11 saying “…GOD shall send them strong delusion that they should believe a lie.'”  “Yeah, how do you answer that?”, the scribes friend shouts while coming through the doorway.  “Just thinking out loud here, haha.  Let’s think about Pharaoh during the 10 plaques.”  “Okay”, his friend replies. “At one point Pharaoh relented and allowed Moses to lead his people out of Egypt.  Soon after GOD hardened his heart, as recorded in Exodus chapters 7-14 over and over again.  So we do know that GOD blocks truth according to His will.  But notice the condition of Pharaohs heart prior to the Lord’s hardening.  He was already wicked.  The context of GOD’s blinding and hardening us to truth is in response to perpetual wickedness, not the seeking of truth.  The Pharisee’s sought and proactively conspired against the King of Kings.  Israel sought to be more like their pagan neigbors politically, so GOD gave them their first king.  A disturbed king Saul.  You get the idea?” With a wrinkled brow, the scribe can see his friend has a question surfacing.  “Your saying the idea is don’t be evil?  Atleast with the intent of destroying anyone who gets in the way of your selfish gain.  Be a sinner who has interest in truth.  A sinner who always shuns knowledge from GOD is in grave danger of being blinded to truth by GOD.” “In other words, the simple truth hidden in the riddle of life can never be solved by those who reject the Bible.”  The holy scribe wraps it up and stores the book back on the shelf.  A walk out to the patio…he slides the door shut and stands alone.  The comfortable chill in the wind blows by as he sips more from his piping hot cappuccino.  The sun, moments away from setting in slumber, radiates energy with gorgeous color through the evenings atmosphere. Simply perfect.


MARS HILL    ACT I    by Paul Marshall                                                                                        Night…in the icy tundra of the great and mighty city, painful shivers and vigorous treading though virgin snow packs.  Across the park, central to this city, a lone figure walks along one of many fenced-in shops.  His mind wanders into the mysteries only the God of the Bible can understand .  “What did Ben Franklin use for toilet paper?  Why are there no archaeological digs of 24 pack toilet paper from ancient Egypt?  At least one roll, something!!”, he agitates within himself.  This nonsensical muse leads him to a small Italian bistro on the corner. Upon entering, he welcomes the toasty respite and waves down a friend of whom he is to meet.  Discussion immediately ensues when a table is found.  “What an anniversary.  Forty years and the feminist Holocaust of babies since Roe vs. Wade has now exceeded all of the Jews, Christians and Gypsy’s killed by the Nazi’s.”  The orders for both coffee’s and sandwiches ring up.  Frivolous non offensive small talk put a break on the topic as not to offend the “pleasant” patrons until the two friends return to their wooden, mocha stained table. Pardon my slurry, frozen tongue.  This global warming has gotten a bit nippy.  But it still isn’t as cold as some of the vitriol one will get from an adamant 20 year old who insists on her “reproductive rights”  to have an abortion.  Imagine this.  I’m at the laundry mat.  Minding my own business.  When out of nowhere, the girl who cleans the place up begins yelling at me about the old lady in the salon next door.”  “Was this about you?”  “Not at all.  Somehow her and the old lady exchanged comments about the legalization of gay marriage and the 20 year old blew her top.  I’m sure you could guess the opposing views of both women, but somehow she felt compelled to ram her views down my throat.  I assume she felt emboldened by the Obama re-election.”  “So eventually her diatribe turned into a second subject…?” Indeed.  Before I knew it she and I were arguing to the entertainment of everyone in the room.  I won’t bore you with her predictable liberal view on the matter, nor mine.  But what we can do is stick to facts and reason which cannot be legitimately refuted.”  “What did you propose?” “Can we agree that a fetus is a living organism?”  “Of course.”  “Then surely a baby in late term pregnancy is a living being. The baby has already been made before he comes out of the womb.  A separate soul with a separate body.  Some of us have the idea that child sacrifice was only fashionable in the Mayan culture or among the Carthaginean’s or in ancient pagan worship.  But I tell you today that the American Empire has proactively been practicing child sacrifice as far back as the Margaret Sanger creation of Planned Parenthood.  I am not joking.  This girl said she had a dream.  A dream of becoming a social worker.  And Planned Parenthood, a Nazi era eugenics creation against handicapped and minority babies, was on her laundry list of job prospects. We have reached an apex.  We stand on Mars Hill like St. Paul in Athens to be counted.  To declare that a woman’s body in not her own.  She belongs to GOD.  And that separate body growing inside of her belongs to GOD.  Our life is not our own, if we are to answer to the Law of GOD.  Whether we live or die, we live or die to the Lord.  Another person, who is made in the image of GOD, is not disposable because it makes your life inconvenient.  Or because you claim you want to spare a baby from pain or hardship in life.  Otherwise known as the human experience. Abortion is in fact satanic in it’s very nature, in the way of being a version of death worship.  Death worship is the spirit at which film festivals and much of rock music operate.  Is it a coincidence that death panels have now reared it’s ugly head in our health care system?  Our satanic culture has trained us well to be more outraged with NFL games or soldiers torturing terrorists in order to save lives, than with the satanic and selfish murder of lobotomizing and vacuuming out little babies while they still bask in the comfort and bliss and safety of the mothers womb.” Life is pain.  You don’t solve the problem by murdering.  You put out the fires of pain with the waters of life and the light of men that pierces through the darkness that encompasses our earth.  But that Kingdom within us is not our ingenuity or Wisdom or a bad pastrami sandwich playing tricks on us.  Only in Christ is there real life, and that life is the Light of men.  Such is the glory of GOD.” “Buddy…your dissertation is…I don’t know what to say.  But I agree.”  The enthusiasm of his thought forces his cup down upon the table.  But the thick yet porous surface absorbs the shock well.  “I would venture to add that our collective attitude has been poisoned.  We have far too much trace mercury in our souls and minds.  Therefore a sort of spiritual autism occurs after years of over taxing the people with Thymerosol, aluminum, formaldehyde and the vaccine toxins of the mind.  We need to purge the mercury from our souls, or else.”  “You propose a Biblical inoculation?” Ripping out a huge bite from his food, he relishes it as if it were manna come down from Heaven, and replies, “To be renewed in the spirit of your mind…”  The candles flicker, light glows softly over the small cafe section of the bistro.  He continues.  “…be like Christ.  Not because we can be.  But because He is outside of us.  And because He is outside of our sins and cursed nature.  His perfection lives inside of us.  He beams a Light through us.  Molding and shaping us.  Not all at once.   But as a long process to become more of what He is. You see, that’s what life is.  The potential process of becoming what Christ GOD.  Life on earth is that process.  Heaven becomes the reward and climax of that reality.  To be perfect as He is perfect.  In all His glory and Wisdom.  The Garden of Eden can be our life again.  We fell from grace because of our own free will in the flesh, but by GOD’s will we become born again in the soul.  And much like David hiding in the wilderness from a wicked Saul, we have already been given the promise of being King in the Kingdom, the way Jonathan told David while in that wilderness.  The difference is Christ is our High Priest who grants us into the Kingdom.” “Thank you so much for that.  I searched key points as you were speaking and did in fact find vigorous studies that could be done.  On being renewed in the spirit of the mind in Ephesians 4:23, being like Christ is easily related to being holy for I am holy in 1st Peter 1:16.  His perfection living inside of us as a beam of light in John 1:4 and Luke 17:21, spiritual salvation coming by the will of GOD and not man can be studied in 2nd Timothy 1:9; Philippians 2:13; Hebrews 1:2.  Jonathan’s promise to David in the wilderness in 1st Samuel 23:16,17 and Christ as our High Priest is gloriously exalted in Hebrews 3:1; 8:1.” Washing down that satisfying and delicious meal with his crisp beverage, the holy scribe replies, “Beautiful.  Write all of that on a napkin and wrap it with the 25% to the waitress.”


Note On The Universe by Paul Marshall

      When I was 5 years old I thought to myself, “what if existence itself didn’t exist?” Why can’t I just think about the here and now like a normal person instead of the whole of human history? Even then, if you were to ask me about a movie I liked I would’ve dropped a German film from 1928 or something. I just have a habit of thinking big. In science, it’s the same. I can’t just talk about the benefits of wireless fidelity. No, my head is in the methane lakes of Saturn. Or the beginning of everything. But thats how I’m made so I’ll use it as God allows. The building blocks of all matter consists of atoms. At the subatomic level we have electrons orbiting like planets around the nucleus. Inside this nucleus you have protons and neutrons. And at the smallest level that we are able to observe are these quarks. Popular and renegade science have believed for a while now that the fundamental buliding blocks of all of these particles is the basis of “String Theory”. That a string of vibrating energy actually determines the structure and regulation of everything in the universe. That everything is regulated at a precise level by this force, without which, all matter and energy would be thrown into chaos and self destruct. This force seems to unite the elegant mathematics of quantum mechanics and Einstein’s relativity theory. This has been called the “Theory of Everything”. The Bible calls it the WORD. “Then I beheld all the work of GOD, that a man cannot find out the work that is done under the sun: because though a man labour to seek it out, yet he shall not find it; yea further; though a wise man think to know it, yet shall he not be able to find it” -Ecclesiastes 8:17 To study the universe in the realm of the astronomical according to relativity theory or the minuscule according to quantum mechanics, is to study what GOD tells us in the book of Isaiah 40:12, 14, 15. We are as nothing. The nations of the world are as a speck of dust among all of His creation. And when one takes a look at the many gallexies our satellite images can now capture, it can be seen how much more beautiful and perfect something like the Sombrero Gallexy is compared to our own. This posits a question in my mind since the beginning of my study on these vast celestial bodies. How much more perfect are some of these gallexies that are many light years away? And if we are merely seeing the light travelling from these stars and thier gallexies, are we seeing something that exist back in time? Is this energy reaching us from a different universe or perhaps, the creations of powers and principalities in the heavenly places created before time? At this point I started thinking about the nature of time. What exactly is the proper perspective of time? Mainline physicist’s and astronomers stand by the idea that other planets such as Mars are older versions of our own set back billions of years older. And then eventually crumbs of rock and ice broken off from planetary collisions formed and colluded into other planets eventually, such as our own. The problem is time, as we know it, is calculated by this very planets orbiting in our solar system. Our own planet takes 364. 2422 days to orbit the sun, thus time started at the beginning of this orbital cycle. And the gravitational and electromagnetic pull of our planet around the sun is affected by other planets. For instance, Jupiter helps to actually suck in most meteors flying around space so they don’t pummell into our own. Physicist’s concur that if the electromagnetic frequency in all atomic matter were to be tweeked slightly, if would drastically affect the implosions of stars, which by the way kill off life and the gravitationaly pull of our planet. Causing us to spin off into space. And also affecting time. In other words, time exist as long as our solar system works the way it is right now in it’s precise unison and cycles. That means time began at the beginning of our solar system. When was the beginning of all planets and the sun in the Milky Way? Well, as time would have it, earth actually existed before time. Not only that, but earth existed before mars or any other planets. Including our sun. Getting to the bottom of what time is could be the key in finding out just what kind of perfection our NASA satellites are photographing in space these days. If you read carefully at the beginning of Genesis you’ll notice that the heavens (plural in the original Hebrew) and the earth were created not only before the first day of creation, but 4 days before the celestial time clocks were created. So even the first 3 days of creation were before time, as we know it. In fact, the first evening and morning was a division of darkness from the light that was created. That light was called Day, but it was not the light from any star. But whatever that light was, it gave the meaning to the word Day which carried over into the days created by the light coming from the sun or moon. Already at the beginning of Genesis, creations were already made and being made before time. This includes the heavens. It would be interesting to know if these creations were of this universe or of another. And if so, are these satellite images capturing images travelling to us from before time? From another part of the universe so many light years away that it takes thousands of years to reach our eyes? Could these magnificant celestial bodies, more perfect than our own, be the powers and principalities created before time? And are we seeing the energy emanating from thier dimension or universe or just a different neighborhood on the other side of the heavens? All people, no matter how wicked, respond in some way to the potency of GOD’s power. Even in minute doses. I for instance, am a cursed creation. But because GOD is living in me, if I exude some small amount of purpose behind what I do, or I trip upon some wisdom amidst the drudgery and emptyness in most peoples everyday pursuits, even my enemies respond with pause. Maybe even positively. Being made in the image of God we are allowed access to the solace of wisdom now and then. GOD’s glory cannot be ignored. Even the animals, who live by mere instinct, respond to proper behavior. If a wildlife observer keeps his distance or patience or builds trust, even a wild flesh eating beast will act as a lamb at the feet of his shephard. Simply because they are the creation of GOD. His wisdom is intertwined in all of creation. The Siberian Tiger dominating over it’s pursuer in the frigid Russian tundra does not possess wisdom. But merely being engineered and designed by ultimate wisdom causes the tiger to exude, in some way, the glory of GOD. The same applies to the universe. I think the question posed in this essay as to whether we are actually seeing physical images of GOD’s powers and principalities created before time, is really a question of whether we see GOD. Ultimately, everything is a reflection of the evidence of a single Supreme Ruler and Creator. That is undisputable. Sure, the mainline Vanderbilt theologins and Oxford physicist’s will have us believe that the scientific method brings the idea of a GOD speaking everything into existence in 6 days into question. But if you notice, they fight really hard to come up with other supernatural ideas or gods of their own in the form of hypothosis to explain away the GOD they prefer not to answer to. How is it possible that all of the variety in this vast universe consist of similar particles. That a sulfer rock and Miss America are made from the same fundamental elements that structures everything else? How can something that is a living immensely intelligent organism compared with an inanimate object with vastly different texture, color, taste and dynamic structure be made with the same building blocks? Because all of these creations came from the same “vibrating string of energy”. It came from the same spoken Word. The same GOD. We cannot see GOD through physical eyes, this is true. But the work of His hands are there for us to see so that we are without excuse. Atleast that is true deep in our hearts. So how does a respectable, highly intelligent scholar of scientific reason explain away that other bodies in our solar system are billions of years older than earth when Genesis say’s otherwise? Is he using real scientific method to reach his conclusions or is he still lost in the mystical black hole of his own supernatural hypothosis? The genesis of the scientific method begans with observation. So let’s observe, shall we? All around us we see change occuring. Very rapidly if you want to talk about our own information age. Every 3 months Steve Jobs convinces the world they need a new Apple device if they want thier ”Man Men” episodes app to run 3 seconds faster. Geologically we see relatively fast change in land formation and mountains in one lifetime. Off the coast of Iceland in fact, in the early 60′s, new land was formed in a matter of 6 years by natural lava buildup. DNA is progammed in such a way as to adapt to new lifestyle, diet, and environment changes. But Michael Shermer and Dr. Richard Dawkins would have you believe that it takes millions of years for such changes. How convienant. Who has this time on thier hands to disprove thier argument? This is the point. To reach truth, we must start with GOD. His communication to humanity is through the Bible. With the minds GOD gave us we must use His Word to come to conclusions. This of course is followed up with prayer to have spiritual minds to understand and critical thought. Without this approach to life, it is reasonable to go down so many roads. But not every road leads to the destination. In the book of Acts Stephen quotes the Old Testament in how the heavens are the throne of GOD and the earth is His footstool. This implies that earth isn’t nearly as important as the work He is doing somewhere else. What did Christ mean when He said, “I go to prepare a place…”? God tells us repeatedly about the work He has done somewhere else or is doing right now somewhere else. Maybe it is wishful thinking on my part that these satellite images we have now, of gallexies much more perfect and beautiful than our own are in fact the places created before time. That somehow the amount of light years it takes for creations from a different dimension or universe to finally reach our eyes from before time to right before Judgment Day is happening now. Do the other creations watch us in the same way Christ or the angels watch us? Or do they watch from a different perspective that involves electromagnetic waves and photons from where ever thier neighborhood is? These are not aliens but creatures God tells us His people will rule over in Ephesians 1:21; 3:10; Colossians 1:16; 2:10,15; Hebrews 1:2. These powers and principalities are part of the Kingdom of Heaven. But so are GOD’s people here on earth. My question is, are they currently locked into a world of atoms and warts outside of absolute perfection the same as we are only better? And if so, does that make it possible for us to optically recieve energy or light from thier world? If so, what does it mean? It means that our life is not all there is. What we see is not all that there is. Trust GOD because He has created so much more than what we see and experience everyday in our little frivolous lives. He has also promised an inheritance of what He has created in perfection. Our imagination cannot concieve what He has done in this world, let alone what is beyond us. But GOD gives us a peak of what He has prepared. We can see it in a little baby or nuclear fusion or celestial dynamics or in sublime music or WiFi technology. GOD is telling us not to trust our experience of reality. Can you imagine telling another person 500 years ago about television or wireless internet? They would say your crazy because thier reality could not concieve of such a thing. Nonetheless, as man wobbled along in his animal skins and riksha’s, GOD held back the I-Pod for a later time. Because GOD shows us His glory in megabytes. But if we trust what He say’s to us in His Word, we then see truth through spiritual eyes. That takes us from megabytes to a terabyte of knowledge and wisdom that even a MIT professor with a Rockefellar grant cannot concieve in his ignorant athiest confessions.



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