The Shekels of the Beast

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by Paul Marshall,  March 2009

The science of sound is a marvel that we ponder everyday and meditate upon. The artful sonic propulsion of music has been a staple of the human experience ever since Jubal put together a couple of harps and organs to busy himself for his daddy Lamech’s arduous task of continuing the building of the world’s first city in the land of Nod (Genesis 4:21).

What is music besides the perpetual extension of human agony, joy, pain, lust and money making?  If the vibration of God, when He spoke everything into existence, can be found in every aspect of human culture, certainly the Almighty genius of the Creators greatest compositions can be found in the colors of music.  It would explain why certain sounds hit us at a visceral level.  This would make sense if the structure of the song did fit our typical genre of musical meditation.  And make no mistake about it, when you love a certain kind of song, you will bow down and give yourself to the vibrations of that song.  You are motivated by it.  When you can’t do without it, you eventually succumb to worship the spirit and message of the music.  The vibration and physics of the sound have assumed the  rhythm of your heart.  It has assumed the direction of your soul.

On it’s surface, at it’s most superficail and basic level, it is a complex system of communication from the brain through the nervous system to the fingertips.  Of course the artful possibility of the human song as rendered through the vocal cords would be the rawest and most true instrument we have.  This is all a result of digital code designed within molecules in the DNA that eminates from the bowels and the imagination.  At it’s highest level, music is the science of the soul.  This is the part that is made in the likeness and in the image of Jah, Yahweh, Allah, The Lion of Zion, Rock, Messiah, Alpha and Omega, Ancient of Days, Morning Star, Lily of the Valley, Consuming Fire, Delight.  There is even a certain musicality to the way God chooses to describe Himself. Perhaps the poetry we absorb is a bridge between the vibrations to our soul and the words to our head.

God cannot be understood nor contained in just one or thirteen titles.  The sublime quality and stirring of the soul that music has the potential of evoking, as a result of the vibration of God’s spoken creation, is niether a science or an art we can fully understand.

Since human beings are responsible for carrying out this task and since we are well wrought with the curse of sin which is common to man, there can be two diametrically opposed pheonomena present.  We ar creatures with a propensity to use music as a way to make sense of our existence.  The worst of us are fully capable of positioning the truth of God in the art we make.  All be it, the spirit behind most music is not spiritual, let alone sublime in all it’s instrumental and lyrical elements.

But my position would be to say that like Balaam and the talking ass (Numbers 22 & 23) God’s presence is communicating something in all of creation.  Our job is to take heed of the truth in everything.  The messenger might not be kosher or repulsive to every fiber in your marrow, but all truth is from God and Jah has a way of using the most unexpected things in a very creative way.

But if in music making the glory becomes your own, that is all in vain because  the glory won’t remain.  The key to sublime glory in the science of the soul of sonic propulsion is to sacrifice your vanity.  Live, look and speak as if in the presence of God.  Because we are.  The ultimate glory and purpose of music is to worship God for His many attributes.  Because in the muck and technological chaos of this world and the choking aphixiation of it’s purple haze, only Jesus saves.    =ref. Lamentations 3:63; Psalm 150; 87:7; 149:1; Colossians 3:16; Deuteronomy 32:1-43; Revelations 15:3


by Paul Marshall, June 2009

“Eat Me, Drink Me”. Amazingly, yet not so, the perpetual sideshow that is Marilyn Manson still manages to keep his accountants employed with the revenue that disturbed geeks and bored pill poppers the world over reward him with in bitter glad tidings of satanic laurels. His Biblically titled new C.D. probably satisfies his manic depressive fans with the back cover alone. A nightie draped blonde in the shadows being bound for violent torture, murder or rape; must be absolutely intriguing for both hardcore fans and those starved to be entertained by any means necessary.

Political rhetoric aside, make no mistake that this hardcore base is nothing short of a cultural movement that is made possible by the liberal propaganda that makes such acts possible and profitable. Breaking down such tactics to its prime numbers, Marilyn Manson is not much different at all from say Barack Obama or Clinton or Bush. Politicians frequently reference religious themes to appeal to the image of our soul and dilute that message with a much more palatable decree as to not offend the masses. That would be futile to the number of votes, thus affecting the campaign and the political career.

Growing up in a type of Christian themed home, Marilyn Manson also exploits this artistry to his advantage. The pure, raw Word by Word of the Bible is much too potent and offensive to most people. But the genius pouring out of the greatest scroll the world has ever known, can be stolen and diluted by such creative terrorists of culture as Marilyn Manson. With a satanic twist of pomegranate and lime, his lyrics are ready for mass consumption. Using this literary fast food for the soul as an illusion that something is finally being told that is real.
“Eat Me, Drink Me” is at the least, a Freudian slip reference to the words of Christ in the book of John 6. Jesus describes Himself as that manna from Heaven; the Bread of Life. He instructs us spiritually to eat His flesh and drink His blood because He is the Word to be consumed in the entirety of the Bible. As the Master of puppets over the devil and his minions, Christ has been envied by the devil for His absolute authority over all creation. The serpent in the Garden creates an image of cunning attributed to the devil, but that too was hijacked from the ultimate seraphim which represents the power of Christ in the Old Testament: “And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of Man be lifted up”; John 3:14, and Christ as Judge and Redeemer in Isaiah 6:2,6; Numbers 21:6.

In the way that the devil can create nothing, but only the Creator, similarly Marilyn Manson feeds the culture of death only by the redeeming meat of the Bible that gives the breath of life to anything stolen by Marilyn Manson.

The genius of God created what semblance of relevance he may have. Even though the pleasures he enjoys in hedonism is given by the mercy of Christ, he and the people who are following his campaign of evil are being cursed in judgment in these final days by the very same Christ of wrath and mercy. And so Manson helps perpetuate the satanic mental disorder that is liberalism by giving all of us what we want without God.

The overt self hatred that is akin to the liberal political machine which has engineered the cult of entertainment and material possession, helps make Manson a useful tool in registering many on the ticket to hell. Satanic ideas are made palatable through the cult of entertainment. One is more willing to say, “so what, he sleeps with 8 year old boys. But he created that Neverland Ranch which gives them so much joy and he entertains us with such great music. Yeah I know he beats his women and murdered his lover and her boyfriend but he played such great football, its not so bad. Ok so he pumped his body with steroids for 10 years before breaking the homerun record, so what, he made us forget our mundane jobs. I’ll forget that he married his own daughter and molested his son, if he can make me laugh like that, he deserves a special table at Le Pepe DePew.”

Ultimately most people love their sins. And their willing to reward others who allow them to take comfort in that sin just a little bit better.


The Abomination of Desolation is the Antichrist

by Paul Marshall

This abomination of desolation in the book of Daniel is a wiley beast indeed. It strikes speculation of it’s nature in the heart’s of theologians and researchers alike. Could it be an evil world leader setting up camp in Jerusalem? A new law allowing equal rights for sodomites everwhere to defile the temple by which the institution of marriage is held? Communist China becoming the dominating world empire? Perhaps Hillary Clinton becomes the first feminist nazi U.S. President? I’m kidding about Hillary though; she would never be President. Nonetheless, these hallucinogenic conclusions are unfounded through God’s recent timeline for opening spiritual eyes to the Biblical evidence.

Daniel 8:13 speaks of the transgression of desolation which is the same event. Prior to this in verse 3, Daniel’s vision consists of a ram with one horn higher than the other. This is translated by God in verse 20 as the two kings of Media and Persia. The goat with the notable horn between his eyes is the king of Greece (vs. 21). Within the verses between 6-22 we can see how the great king of Greece defeated the Medes and the Persians by smoting the ram and breaking his two horns.

By the sixth century B.C. the Medes and the Persians were world empires. But by the fourth century B.C. these two kingdoms were defeated by Greece and guided by the sword of Alexander the Great. Therefore the notable horn had to be Alexander. His forces came from the west (vs. 5) and cast the two kingdoms down (vs. 7). Apparently not too long after he conquered the known world he became ill and died. This would explain the four notable horns taking the place of the great horn that was broken (vs. 8). This is when Greece is eventually defeated by Rome. The number four represents a universal nature whenever it is used in the Bible. Here it represents the universal empire of Rome.

In Daniel 8:9 God mentions a little horn among the four. We can link this horn to being satan because later in verse 10 the little horn cast down some of the hosts of Heaven. A direct reference to the dragon in Revelations 12:3,4 who is satan (Rev. 20:2). Satan is the little horn because he desires to be like God. Psalms 18:2 shows us how God is the horn of our salvation.

The Greek and Roman rule represent the two factions in the world (1st Cor. 3:22-25). Greeks symbolize the answer of life through knowledge and the Jews represent the answer through religious experience. Rome would symbolize both cultures because Judeo-Christian ethics are dominant in the Roman Catholic church, yet at the same time, the Hellenistic influence of Greece continues in Rome up to the present. In verses 11 and 12 a discrepency arises when we’re told satan will end the daily sacrifices. The original Hebrew manuscript does not contain the word “sacrifice”. And this makes sense when you examine that only Christ, not satan, could’ve ended the daily sacrifices (Heb. 10:5-10). And after Christ went to the cross He became the perfect sacrifice. Animal sacrifice was no longer regarded.

We are then left with the word “daily”, which means continually (tamid) in Hebrew. In Leviticus 24:1-4 the “daily” refers to the lamps outside of the Holy of Holies that were to burn night and day-the veil of testimony. In Exodus 26:34 the ark of the covenant is the ark of testimony. In Numbers 1:50 the tabernacle was called the tabernacle of testimony. In Exodus 32:15 the two tablets of Law are called the tables of testimony.

Here the Bible is telling us that the tabernacle, the law and the ark were to testify of Him. The lamps outside the veil of the testimony were to burn continually (tamid) because they signify the light of the Gospel going out into the world (John 8:12). This is the daily or continual light (tamid).

Daniel 8:11-14 says the “daily” will be taken away. Or rather, the light of the Gospel will be darkened. We can know that satan will pour out his imitation gospel near the end of time from Revelations 13:11. Satan will masquerade as the lamb, but speaking the words of a dragon. Because his words are death.

This is how we arrive to the meaning of the “abomination of desolation”. The churches will appear normal but believers will sense, and later see, that satan reigns supreme in the churches with false gospels like the church of St. Coltrane, gay Episcopalian leaders, female preachers, etc. This is the little horn rising amongst the four universal horns. That is, Rome, also known as the Greeks and Jews representing all people seeking God through human wisdom or religious experience.

2nd Peter 2:1-3 warns of false prophets and 2nd Thessalonians 2:1-12 warns of the great deception sent by God where the devil rules every church. We can see how satan was bound at the crucifixion in Revelations 20:1-3. But by Rev. 20 7-9 satan is loosed at the end of days to decieve nations as he did before he was bound with chains. Satan, as the abomination, succeeds because God blinds the unsaved (2nd Thessalonians 2:11) and sends a spiritual famine whereas the masses cannot hear or believe the Bible (Amos 8:11). Rebellion has it’s price (Jeremiah 18:6-11).

The “abomination of desolation” is satan who is now ruling over every church in the world. He is in fact the same anti-christ spoken of in John 8:44; 2nd Thess. 2:1-12; Math. 12:29; 1John 4:3; 2John 1:7; Rev. 13:4; 2nd Cor. 11:14.



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