novel excerpts from “The Subject” and “The Subject: Act II”

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from 2nd novel, “The Subject. Act II”   c. 2007 by Paul Marshall
It smelled. Like a cocktail of baseball bats fresh from under the Dodger stadium sun and spoiled leather stained with the sweat of paranoia. And dogs. Lots of dogs. As airtight as the inside of this trunk seemed to be it was suprisingly spacious and almost comfortable with the air conditioning coming down the crack from the back seat. The Word was all he had. So he kept repeating it back to himself while the reapers of death sucked nicotine and passed the language of criminal frivolity to each other. “Proverbs 6:16. Pride, envy, gluttony, lust, anger, greed, sloth,” he would repeat to himself. This was all he could think about as he laid helpless in this late model Buick sepulchre. He looked up and read the message allowed by the crack of light scrawled above him that read, “I live the poetry all your pens are writing about.”


by Paul Marshall, c. 2006

The day started slow. It was soaked in a soup of high pressure clouds. The city was glistening with the reflections of flashing signs from the shop windows and traffic lights. They were creating a symphony of moving color about the raw surface; sewer covers steaming, broken curbs stained with fish blood and gasoline, waste baskets, the occasional bag lady with the still remaining drops of stolen whiskey drying into the cracks of her forgotten face as she laid across the front steps of a recently closed actors studio.

Soon, all of this dissipated along with the rain as the days’ sun smiled down upon the oblivious mass of humanity.  The thief was back in New York. After breakfast with an acquaintance in her top level condo overlooking Central Park, they finished in front of an interactive plasma screen that played music programmed by a computer.  Considerable time was taken up by a phone call to his business partner in L.A. The club owner. There was some debate on how to best use thier investment on the public relations work for thier artist. They also wanted to work on a deal as soon as possible on selling those stolen diamonds.

“Look you near sighted bat! I know you find it impossible to put your head down all night but you need to get some sleep and get your head together! Your getting way in over your head with all of these deals you keep on making!”, the club owner friend said to the thief. “Come on now, things are moving along.” “First things first. Thats not how you run a business. Okay! I run a business! There are things that you must do first! There are rules! Even with us. ”  =Page 73

Steinvorg continues. “But Napolean, my friend, pales in comparison to the Third Reich’s Fuhrer. His brilliant strategy to disable through appropriation of the various arts, mainly paintings; ushered the greatest Leviathan theft of art the world has ever known. By ransacking Europe and Russia, numerous sculpturs, prints, artifacts, paintings…came under new ownership. My Great Uncle was Alfred Rosenberg, may he rest in peace, the chief policy maker for the ERR, the agency used by Hitler for confiscation activities. Thier job was to sieze Jewish artifacts. They ran a brilliant anti-semitic think tank. Eventually, just to show Napolean who was superior, the Nazi’s acquired one third of all art in French private collections. Such as the immense Rothschild collection. That family had more than five thousand pieces! Anyways, that leads us to Joseph Goebbels, the Third Reich’s minister of public relations and propaganda. Don’t tell anyone, but that’s where we got all of our campaign ideas. You can say our spiritual Karl Rove, in fact.  Hitler created a nifty project known as the ‘Repatriation of Cultural Goods from Enemy States’. In case you haven’t caught on yet, that is exactly what we are doing. By 1945 more than eight thousand paintings had been accumulated along with more than five thousand Old Masters intended for Hitlers home town museum in Linz, Austria. His right hand man in this realization was a director of the Dresden Art Gallery. A world class institution. This guy was backed by the Fuhrer and that power allowed him to secure the best works for the Linz museums over other art collectors. By plundering the economies of occupied countries they could have endless assetts at the obtainment of art even in the middle of a financially taxing war. Aryanized factories were key also. So then, the Fuhrer spent roughly $790 million in today’s standards. Thus, the greatest art collector of all time.”                                                  =Page 98, 99

Buy my novel “The Subject” via Amazon or email   This story is about a documentary film crew in a prison interviewing an international jewel/art thief turned hitman.  His glamourous life of schmoozing with club owners, elite lobbyist’s and venture capitalist’s hit’s a road block when he encounters a sudden crisis of conscience. 


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