Ode To GOD (epic poem)

Posted: August 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

Wandering, Plundering

Staggering, as my mind trips upon another open business

The streets are fresh with the breath of drunken college girls

And this is after my solitude…being alone with GOD

Alone among the thick late night coffee shop debauchery

I’m trying to be invisible among souls that swarm around me

Among the children of this world, they seem magnetically attracted to my person

In spite of my attempted transparency, they think me familiar, but I am an alien in thier world

I am forced to leave, lest I drown in thier sea of tempting shennanigans

The dark night hid me from the caffeinated jackels

And my potential shame as I walked on

With cold wind whispering numbing comfort in my ear, could this be the devil?

And the cool grass playfully tickling my soul in front of an old gothic courthouse

He makes me to lie in green pastures indeed

My rest is the engagement of conversation with the elements

So, for some moments I spoke wind, grass and Spanish gothic architecture

These were the languages of the streets

The 3am drive thru burrito is a warm walk in the night rain

Sleep is a rare commodity without a home, the head gets heavy, slumber is worth it’s weight in gold

With only University steps, mosquito infested hideaways, security guarded convention hall floors, open recording studios, and the most unglamorous locales to serve as a pillow

Cabbies stopping, they think I’m a confused tourist who needs a ride to the hotel

I wish I were so lucky

Tonight I dine at the Blue Iquana for my room and board

The old man in the corner is painting his canvas of an abstract city made of broken stain glass, he won’t mind

Neither will the goldfish at my table who playfully beckons me to just make the best of it

Do you mock me you finn flappin’ fool?

Who say’s I’m not making the best of it?

My plate is an hour late, still reading through my eyelids, the period of the night is so late it’s in birthpains for sun

Sleep deprivation is my clueless friend

Perhaps the bohemian waitress hasn’t noticed the trance I’m in from the cafe music

Which is swimming through my brain and draining out of my dialated pupils in bold shades of blue, green and peanut butter gold

Perhaps she hasn’t noticed my lack of a tip

The streets are dead with silence, yet my miserable soul walk on looking for another endeavor in a city that never live’s much past midnight

Oh GOD, where is my comfort amidst the comfortable?

My flesh stinks, my bones are weary

What day shall I sleep?

What day shall I have shelter?


You Christ have swept me from the state of no sleep and sweat drenched clothes,

To keen awareness in wisdom and a refreshed washing,

showered by your mercy

Then your rays of redemption does it’s work

drying me in warmth to sanctify

Though your blinding glory glares, my eyes are opened

The hidden girl is perched on her quiet hill top cliff dwelling bungalo patio

Her peace is known by me, as God’s

He has given me by spirit what He has given her by the world.

I’m feeding my senses with the flesh of a pig but my spirit is filled on the fuel of the King!

The walking dream continues, I swim through the Greek pillars and into a symphony of nature

One of the beautiful jogging souls, as their breasts sweat through the canyon

Thier soothing effect reminds me of the light yoke of Christ

At the sheer volume of intensity. I know it to be temporal with a mortal passing.

But on this day my soul has been an open gulf of flooding love from God to offer to any lifeform crossing my path

Be it vagrants, golden retrievers, heathens, and certainly beautiful nubile women kissed with gift of a Spanish/French accent.

When there is a void of destracting stimuli from the days, my mind is reeling with the frames of the many moons, beasts, crashing surf, elements and heathen lawbreakers that ultimately, in every passing drama on the stage of life, answer to Your Supreme Mighty Precepts

Your Mystery

=by Paul Marshall, c. 2003

  1. purpledragonfly says:

    You had me lost in the streets and surrounded by a fountain of visuals flowing over me. Thank you, I needed that this morning. 🙂

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