“The Subject: Act II” excerpt from 2007 novella by Paul Marshall

Posted: August 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

Silence. It permeated the beams in the wall. The air around was heavy with it. Reverberating through every muscle fiber in his being. Holed up inside a strangers alien, yet cozy guest room, he managed to take a peak out of the window. The rain had ensconced the entire city below this thirty story bachelor pad. “Thanks for letting me stay over. My body feels like melted butter inside my organs.” “Don’t mention it.”  The acquaintance consoled the thief in his reply. The thief wasn’t sure if he should attempt to leave now or take advantage of the hospitality for a few more hours. Suddenly a thought came into his head about meeting someone in Tokyo and being far from it. He had to think for a second about where he indeed was at. But it didn’t matter now. Laying back and enjoying the sound of rain tap against the window was the small pleasure he only cared to meditate on.

   The innumerable parties going on in the streets below was not going to phase him a bit. The only true event worth captivating now was rain against silence. Sweet. Light. Bubbles on glass. Air, thick with the fresh vitality of silence. “Ahh, the music of this.” he said to himself. The sweetest sound in the universe right now. The thief’s imagination was peaking upward in the glory of the moment and the imagination drifted…..edging off into the world of dreams. Once again sleep had been his captor. A protector against the monsters of this world. His world. The rain had taken him into dreams controlled by new found desires, not possible in this city.  But a city kissed by the mouth of a divine architect.

    At this same moment in the pardigm of time, Tokyo was quite another story. The thiefs meetee was left high and dry without a meeter. But it was not a bad place for such a rondevouz to go south for the winter.


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