Kozmo Katacombs

Posted: July 30, 2010 in Uncategorized

Aug. 2009 Michael Jackson. A mighty god. And like the other gods of this world who are fallen, one by one, he too will be worshipped with weeping and gnashing of teeth for his sacrificial death. Until only the One true God is left standing. Jesus Christ. The fact that the internet; the most powerful communications tool in the history of man, effectively halted when sites like Google got so many hits that it went into cyber seizure, shows the magnitude of celebrity worship. But I won’t go into the redundancy of such cultural vice at ad nauseam this time. There is another perspective to be analyzed here that is more to the heart of mans existence on earth. We mourn for our idols because if someone as immortal and talented as the celebrities we worship can die, then certainly we, as insignificant cashiers and office assistants can die too. Hopefully, the most die hard of fans can learn something from his life. Michael Jackson proved that the fame, joy and glamour of the world does not edify the soul. Movements like Veganism, who through sex, drugs and politics attempt to purify themselves by purging the body while at the same time enhancing carnal pleasure which in turn putrefies the soul. To the extreme they will relegate themselves to a raw foods diet to create a path around God. What says “self hating leftists” more than uncooked Ramen crunch cakes? Did not Christ feed fish to His Disciples and the 5000 at Galilee? People need their art as much as their bankers and bureaucrats. His death pointed to another need in human nature. The reason for our struggle on this planet is to afford ourselves as much leisure as possible and to enjoy it well. A becomes a means to an end that is Z. People work for the weekend. Bankers, politicians and modern day corporations, or atleast their CEO’s, do not contribute to society. They have become like leeches that make their livelihood from other peoples money and their talent. It is the artist, scientist, musician, inventor and writer who has been touched by the genius of God. These are the people that create a lanquage and a culture by which commerce hopes to cater to. The dangerous beauty of the soft girls of summer might get their paycheck from the big corporations and deposit that check in the bank that is sitting pretty in the 50 story office tower, but where is she going after work and on the weekend to spend her money or to forget where she has to work? She’s going to seek some form of art in an attempt to distract herself from corporate reality and perhaps to rejuvenate herself. That’s where the creative workers come in. Ninety percent sweat, ten percent inspiration, yea? Of course, most of what the world produces to entertain themselves lacks in edifying the soul. “But where are thy gods that thou hast made thee? Let them arise, if they can save thee in the time of thy trouble…Therefore say my people we are lords; we will come no more unto thee?” =Jeremiah 2:28-31


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